Hiring an MBA

Strive for  organizational excellence by including MBAs in your people strategy!

Whether its streamlining operations, growing market share, or even feeding your leadership succession plan, MBAs have the foundational knowledge to help your organization.

As the representative body for MBAs across Canada, we can help you engage your MBAs more meaningfully, and when you need talent, facilitate connecting you with our growing member base of MBAs across Canada.

About MBAs

The MBA program represents a transformational experience in leadership and management development that is unequalled by any other program – degreed or non-degreed – for two reasons:

1 - MBAs study complexity of business dynamics  

MBA programs typically put students through learning processes addressing organizational issues from the seat of the leader, most often the CEO.  This vantage point affords us visibility into the complex dynamics of business disciplines both soft (culture, leadership) and hard (finance, marketing, strategy, economics) while debating, contemplating and solving tough organizational situations.

2 - MBAs are prepared for the personal demands of leadership

In addition to the learning processes, the gruelling nature of MBA programs demand significant personal commitment of time and energy.  For this reason, MBA programs serve as excellent training grounds for future leaders in preparing them for roles that will demand significant individual commitment.

The knowledge and skills gained through MBA programs, as well as the individual commitment required to get through MBA programs, increase individual capacities that prepare us for significant responsibility and impact in organizations.

Posting Jobs

Our members range from recent MBA grads to MBAs with 40+ years of experience.  Whether its an entry-level position or an executive position, our members would be delighted to learn about opportunities with your organization.  To post a job on this website, please contact us at admin@ambac.ca