Accreditation Information

We are proud to announce the introduction of an accreditation program for MBAs. In this program, MBAs can receive accreditation in their pursuit of leadership or specialist roles based on the Leader or Specialist career tracks outlined in the MBA Career Ladder (click for the document).

Some basic points on our Accreditation scheme:

  • Offered to graduated MBAs (we verify graduation status) 
  • MBAs can achieve accreditation as leaders (6 levels) and specialists (5 levels) 
  • It is based entirely on work accomplishments, as opposed to a test of knowledge 
  • Our basis for accreditation is outlined in the MBA Career Ladder (click for document) where we establish specific standards for accomplishment
  • We will begin piloting this program in 2015 to demonstrate value as well as identify gaps in standards and our process.


"Being involved in the MBA space through conducting surveys, and my past career as an employment strategist, I see this accreditation scheme as not only valuable, but important and timely.  What this scheme does is bring results based practices to MBAs, which is important because we are in a results-based work environment now.  I believe this accreditation structure will provide MBA's with enhanced opportunities to obtain and evaluate a ROI for their efforts.  But I also see this scheme benefitting employers because it gives them the tools and structure to manage and leverage their MBA hires.

Jane Enright, Chief Operating Officer at COMPAS

Why get accredited?

In the videos below, Amir Muradali, provides 5 reasons why MBAs should consider getting accredited.

Benefits for Employers

By hiring MBAs who have achieved level status (accredited MBAs) on either or both career tracks in the MBA Career Ladder, you are assured that you are hiring proven talent that has achieved standout results. 

Accredited MBAs have successfully translated their knowledge and skills gained through their previous experience as well as their MBAs, into valued results in business settings.



Pilot Program

We are piloting our accreditation program for the calendar years 2015 and 2016. 

We are currently looking for a limited number of MBAs who would like to join us in this pilot phase and receive accreditation.

To join, you must:

1)   have a sponsor from within your organization (we can help with the pitch)

2)   identify clearly which career track and level you wish to receive accreditation for

3)   review the MBA Career Ladder thoroughly

4)   send us an email with your intent to participate in the program, identifying your sponsor, and the career track/level for accreditation

5)   be willing and able to set and commit to meetings / calls as needed for us to keep track of your progress and work through any issues that come up

6)   submit a fee of $295 (should ideally be covered by your employer – we can help here too)

To get started, send us an email (see point 4 above).  For now, we are only accepting a limited number of applications.  Please check this page for the latest information.

We anticipate completing our pilot program in 2016, and will open up the accreditation program for all MBAs in 2017.